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Posted by Gary on September 19, 2013

A couple of weeks back I accompanied one of our students and received a very nice thank you letter from her parents, which I’ver taken pride in and attached below to boast about!

Bek’s mum approached me a a few years ago and asked if I’d teach Bek. She clearly started at the time that she wanted me to assist Bek in achieving her goal of getting a good mark for her HSC music exams. Bek is very focused on music and has always worked hard so I was very happy to hear that she had topped her class this year with a perfect score on her trial HSC.

Tonight I got an email from Bek’s mum saying that she graduated today and received a prize for first in music, which is a pretty great result given that she is from a huge school known for its big focus on music which features so many excellent music students-suffice to say the competition was tuff…

So this post is an inspired reminder that if you are serious about doing well and learning with music, the choice to work hard and achieve is yours alone. A good teacher is really an aid, but always there ready to assist you and guide you through a carefully structured systematic approach to achieving your goals!

Well done Bek and family!


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