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Guitar and vocal students check these out!
Posted by Gary on March 26, 2013

Ok so if you are working away on your craft, whatever the instrument, you should get out and perform live with other people as often as you can and preferably with people who are better than you. Obviously fear is an issue for us all, but if you can hadle a little bit of positive criticism you will also learn quicker. Remember that you need to surround yourself with people who are supportive though. If you only have a little experience then don’t dive in the deep end by any means, but do challenge yourself a bit and adjust this balance as you get better… So get out and get into playing when you can and also see other acts and get inspired!


Below are some ideas to get you started for various instruments, starting with vocalists:


So if you want to get out and sing live check out these venues:

Kate Dunbar is running her night for jazz singers at Mengen Solfrasi Resturant 107 Glebe point rd Glebe Tuesday’s from 7.30. The band there is suited to a repertoire of standards and old older blues tunes rather than soul r&b etc. Students would need to bring chord charts in .

There was also a Monday jazz Jam at World Bar in Kings Cross a few weeks ago. Not sure if its a regular thing but it was a pretty chilled out , laid back environment.

If you are more experienced, you can’t beat the Monday Night Jam at Gingers located upstairs at the Oxford Hotel at Taylor Square on Oxford St. This is more of a heaveyweight hang and generally jazz and soul oriented http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ceNgzAMEs2g


If you are a guitarist check out the Gingers jam above and try to catch some great young players such as Paul Mason. Some other highlights for all music lovers will be the following gigs



Finally this is a blistering guitar demo of one of my current favorite players. To quote my friend Ben Maynard (also an amazing guitarist) ” he is one of those guys who is completely unlimited by technique.. it’s like there is nothing melodically in his head he cannot achieve with his fingers.” http://www.fretify.com/blues/guthrie-govan-late-night-sessions-3/

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