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Learn to sing or play that new instrument you got for Christmas
Posted by Gary on January 10, 2013

Singing lessons might be the way to fulfill that new years resolution, or maybe you want to work on your song writing skills, or expand your skills on the guitar or drums? Whatever the scenario, it’s the start of a new year, some people got new instruments and some people got new inspiration to learn or improve their musical skills. We can help you realise any musical dreams or aspirations, all you need is the desire. If you’ve decided to get serious, but also want to have some fun getting your act together with music, we’re here to help you.

You don’t want to get motivated and turn up for lessons with some amateur, nervous man/child at the local would-be music school. You want to get it right with the people who have the experience, knowledge, skills and drive to inspire you to work hard on the ‘right’ things to practice so that you cut through the rubbish and focus on the things you need to know to achieve what you set out to do!

We know for a fact that many music schools are staffed with young, inexperienced kids these days who are still learning to play and often have little idea how to teach. You don’t need to deal with that nor do you need to travel to the city to find ‘real’ teachers with the skills to help you with your particular needs. We offer the highest of standards so if you’re local to the Hills District we’ve got you covered and if we don’t, we can certainly recommend a good bagpipe teacher for whatever musical obscurity you’re into.
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