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Our drum teaching god Mark Lucas
Posted by Gary on October 8, 2013

Here is a few interesting words all about drums and playing them from our master drum teacher (the guy who taught the teachers) Mark Lucas:


Many parents are concerned about the noise that comes with playing the drums – particularly if you don’t have a garage or you live in a unit or villa.

Most people are surprised to know that these days electric kits can be around the same price as an acoustic kit. The electric kit uses rubber pads and headphones, keeping neighbours and people in the house happy. They also take up less space if being put into a bedroom.

If you still prefer the acoustic kit you can get rubber silencers for the drums and cymbals for around a $100.



If you are concerned about the initial outlay or worried it maybe a passing fad students can start out with a pair of drumsticks and a single practice pad (around $50) which we have available or at local music store.

A brand new acoustic or electric kit can start as low as $500-600. We recommend the Drum Factory Parramatta which is part of the Guitar Factory. HDMS students receive special discounts and preference at workshops and clinics.

We also have a limit number of hire kits available, ask Mark for details.



Many people are surprised to find out that there are many students who take up drumming later in life (I have several students in their 50s).

Whilst they don’t necessarily want a new career they can still get a lot of enjoyment from a new found hobby or by being more involved and knowledgable of their lifelong passion for music.

Quite often these students have always wanted to do it but just never had the time till now.


Music and drums for special needs kids (ADD & ADHD)

Around early 2002 I was introduced to clinical psychologist Kerrie Powell who was working extensively with children from regional areas of NSW who came together regularly at the Royal Far West School at Manly.

Working with Kerrie Powell I developed a drumming program for children suffering with these problems. We also did our own study in conjunction with the Conner program which showed an improvement in behaviour and confidence.

Put simply, as many parents are aware, one of the main difficulties for these children is that the left and right side of the brain don’t communicate or connect with ease. In order to play drum rhythms both sides MUST communicate – so as the student practices and improves so does the connection between left and right. This can have a kickstart effect which can flow thru to other areas such as concentration, focus, memory and for many finally a sense being good at something that not everyone else can do.

Students don’t need a drum set to start this program initially – a practice pad and a pair of sticks is all that is needed.


Here is a nice write up that Sydney Morning Herald did on Mark and some of this work with our students:


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