If you’re serious about learning to play and/or sing then there really is no substitute for getting the know how from the best in the business. Mark Lucas and Gary Johns set up this school to do just that! Mark is one of the most sought after session drummers as well leading the beats in great Aussie rock band The Radiators. Gary Johns is one of Australia’s most hardworking and versatile singing guitarists leading some of Sydney’s best bands . We have played since we were kids and have toured the world learning our trade as well as studying with all of the music giants from one end of the globe to the other.

We are serious teachers with the credentials in education to match what we’ve learned on the performance side of things. We are offering a unique opportunity for students to learn skills and methods from players with real experience that are still prolific and sort after in their field! All you need is the desire to learn and we’ll give you the information and show you how to practice so that your ability increases along with your confidence that will in turn feed more desire to play! You’ll be a serious performer by just following our lead!

As the founders of this great school we have hand picked other teachers of high quality for almost any instrument you can think of. We are committed to running this school as a service to the community, we run occasional ensemble workshops, usually during school holidays that enable students to perform live with other students and teachers to get accustomed to performing in public. We also run an end of year recital performance that family and friends are welcome to attend at a given local venue. We also want to point out that we are of the belief that music is a way of life and that it is of great benefit to everyone. We are advocates for musical therapy and continue to teach many students that use music in this way allowing them to achieve things that they otherwise are not able to do in everyday life. Various members of our staff have had extensive experience as well as training in working with people with special needs as well as the gifted and talented. Call now or email to get started.


Gary Johns:

Has a Bachelor of Music/Music Education from the University of New South Wales, where he studied classical, contemporary and jazz vocals and guitar. As well as being one of Sydney’s most versatile, charismatic and experienced performers, he also has an audio engineering degree. His musical career dates back over 20 years from when he first picked up a guitar and belted out a tune. After years of playing solo and in bands he left Australia to broaden his musical awareness by playing and taking lessons around the world, including extended periods in New York, England, the USA, South America, Mexico, Spain and Cuba. He has studied with great teachers like Jon Hendrix (Lambert Hendrix & Ross) and Marion Cowlings (taught Michael Buble, Harry Connick Jr etc). Gary’s original works have been showcased on national radio as well as high rating national TV programs and various films. Gary also owns and operates a professional recording studio, runs 2 of Sydney’s busiest function bands and also provides other services involving composing, producing and arranging music.


Mark Lucas:

Mark has long been recognised as one of Australia’s foremost drummers. His rock solid drumming and explosive solos with The Radiators have thrilled audiences for over 2 decades! Mark has also toured with Aussie rock legend Billy Thorpe. Mark has branched out into different musical styles and is a valued member of one of Sydney’s most in demand jazz & funk bands, Sydney Funk Collective. Mark also brings not only his remarkable drumming ability, but also his song writing skills to the star-studded line up of The Yeehaa Boys. The Yeehaa Boys have now firmly established themselves as one of Australia’s premier country bands. Collectively they have had over 9 number one singles and top tens, multiple platinum albums and played live to millions of people around Australia and overseas.

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