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Singing & guitar teacher is being vocal about our drum teacher’s accomplishments!
Posted by Gary on May 28, 2013

Vocalist or singers usually are the most outspoken in the group as far as most bands go with the exception of the odd guitarist. But I’ve long believed that drummers are the backbone of any great band and they are often unsung heavy weights. So I’m going tobe a typical singer and have a short rave and boast just a bit about our resident drum expert.


Our drum teach Mr Mark Lucas has played for so many of the  great bands and touring acts that put on some of the most blistering shows ever seen. His long time band the Radiators are being recognised as finalists in the Australian Entertainment ‘MO’ awards for ‘Best Rock Act’! Not bad, but really not surprising these guys have been showing so many bands how its done for decades!


I’m often in awe of the things Mark has achieved and who he’s played with and how humble and down to earth he is. Best of all he has a couple of spaces for new drums students and he’s an amazing human and teacher so take advantage of this opportunity  If you’re serious about music don’t bother learning from some pimply kid filling in as a pseudo-drum teachers at the local music shop, learn from the real deal…


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