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Hi Alex,

This is your private folder where content will be placed for you to download lesson material such as PDF’s for scores and mp3 and video files. Please log on regularly and ALWAYS save the material on your computer and keep your own backup as all files are subject to periodic deletion from student folders so that our servers are not overloaded. I suggest after each lesson you check your folder for material and save it to your computer, as I do not keep archives… To save files click on them or you may have to right click (or option click) them.

Have fun learning!


Gary Johns and the Hills District Music School Crew

For this week read the first few pages of intervals book below. Also practice finding notes on the E and A strings.

Fundamental theory intervals, rhythm and keys small

12 Bar Blues basic form in Key A

Learn the 5th position root position of the Pentatonic scale below:

A minor pentatonic scale cage patterns
Guitar notes

open chords

Land marks

Wake up little Susie

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