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Gary Johns does most of the vocal coaching from his home recording/teaching studio in Carlingford. Here’s a run down on what he does in his words:
I teach the ‘Mix’ style of vocals, which is a modern technique that combines singing in the head voice and chest voice and focuses on a smooth blend.  Despite it’s apparent nouveau label it is a modern approach that is applicable to any style of singing, yet it is very similar to the Bel-Canto Italian vocal style, translating to ‘beautiful singing’, that was mostly prevalent in 18th Century opera. It places emphasis on seamless continuity of the voice through the entire vocal range.  This is the style that greats like Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder use. It allows for all styles from jazz and classical to rock and pop and I personally embrace it as it gives the singer freedom to sing anything they wish with greater ease than offered by other approaches which often cause singers many problems, such as nodules.
I have a Bachelor of Music/Music Education from the University of New South Wales, where I studied classical, contemporary and jazz vocals and guitar. I’m one of Sydney’s most versatile and experienced performers, with a musical career that dates back over 20 years. After years of playing solo and in bands I left Australia to broaden my musical awareness by playing and taking lessons around the world, including extended periods in New York, England, the USA, South America, Mexico, Spain and Cuba. I studied with great teachers like Jon Hendrix (Lambert Hendrix & Ross) and Marion Cowlings (taught Michael Buble, Harry Connick Jr etc). I’ve also studied with Dean Kaelin who is the founder of International Voice Teachers of Mix (IVTOM). Dean is based in Utah in the US and is one of the world’s leading vocal teachers and the author of a book that I swear by and have learned much from called Teaching Good Singing. Dean is one of the most informed, sucessful, genuine and experienced teachers I know of and I am grateful for his mentorship.
My original works have been showcased on national radio as well as high rating national TV programs and various films. I also own and operate a professional recording studio, run 2 of Sydney’s busiest function bands and also provide other services involving composing, producing and arranging music. I currently keep very busy performing, usually at least 3 times each week, as well as teaching many students in our successful and wonderful music school!
Personally I’m a father and a husband and I love to learn, teach and nurture whenever possible. I am very passionate and care for music the way I do for my family, I believe it is among the greatest things that we can be a part of!



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